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PCR60 Prices and Specifications

PCR60 Specifications

This device is a flat-pack, hybrid (analog and switched) sensor, with a triaxial connector for the addition of a remote sensing element.

The PCR60 has a normally open, NPN, switched output, which is capable of driving a 100 mA DC load, and two analog outputs - one amplified ( 1 - 6 VDC ) and one unamplified ( 3 - 5 VDC ).
PCR60 - Flat-Pack, Hybrid (analog & switched) Proximity Device w/remote sensing capability
PCR60 Specifications
Nomenclature Part #  
PCR60 - w/ remote sensing capability 12A704  
Triaxial Cable - 3 meters, for use with PCR60 12A744  

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